Monday Surprise!

Today had an very unexpected surprise. As I was writing out my task list, David came and asked if I had time to do a photo shoot. I was available and accepted the job of taking photos of a dog and child in party hats. We set up the backdrop, lights, and camera in the video studio and used Indie as a model to make sure everything was set up properly. Soon after Indie had his pictures taken, our clients arrived! It was quite a task getting them to sit still and pose for the pictures, but with patience and help, the images were done.

After the morning excitement was over I wrapped up a trade show graphic and started a CD-ROM package design. The first comp is complete and I will, most likely, begin a second later today. Now I am working on build out. Yes, the same build out from last week. What’s taking so long you ask? The html build out isn’t what is taking a while, it is the variety of images that we are including on the site. There are 2-3 sections that have different “looks” to them, while still maintaining an overall consistency. The section that I am working on right now requires many of the same images, just cut in a different way. So I am slicing away so the images can be dynamically integrated with the site.