Mondays are Caffeinated

Another Monday is here and we are pushing ourselves to work within the business hours allotted to us. Tired from weekend activities such as taxes, cleaning, managing a home business, taxes, finishing final projects for design class, taxes, and the occasional bird adopting, we trek onward into career mode; of course, accompanied by a whole lot of caffeine. Fortunately, for those who enjoy their job, it doesn’t come as a chore. If you’ve read my past blog entries, you know that I am one of those who do. How can you not enjoy your job when you are allowed to come into work wearing a spiffy hat?

At DDA, projects seem to be wrapping up. The flash animation is coming along nicely. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on it from our contacts and the client. I wrapped up an illustration last week that the client seemed very pleased with. And today it seems as though two website design projects will be complete. I hope they will go live tomorrow, but we’ll see. As always, it depends on how quickly the client responds for approval.

The Carnival has not gone live yet, but it soon will. Make sure you are all there to join in the fun. Digital ice cream is on me!