More Bliss: Weekend 2

Do you remember when you were taking classes and you woke up one morning to a little fluttery feeling in your gut? Maybe because you remembered you forgot to do some homework or because there was a test and you were getting nervous? Well, this Monday I was feeling it. My flight arrived Monday morning, and I had just enough time to make sure my homework was up to standards and get to class. I had finished my reading on the plane as well as some sketching and initial comps, but I am always the perfectionist. I felt good about where my logo was going up until I had to go to class. My stomach began to feel a bit queasy when I asked myself questions like, “Did I explore all my logo possibilities?”, “Are my color choices the best possible ones?”, “Was my font choice the best one?”, etc. I was happily surprised when my professor said she loved the initial design. She then had some really good suggestions on how to improve it. Wheeew, safe!

During the time it took her to travel across the room in order to review my work, I went a step ahead and placed my logo onto a vector bottle design. (We had to sketch a bunch of bottles with our chosen logo to see which one looked/fit best.) While I love long and slender bottles, I couldn’t let go of the concept of a flask shape. (Admittedly, I’ve always had an infatuation with flasks even though I don’t drink.) I drew a shapely flask in illustrator and placed an oval label on it. (I had experimented with other shaped labels, but the oval looked the most elegant on the bottle, despite it’s semi-rectangular shape.) The flask and oval label were warmly welcomed.

I stated before that I was gearing Bliss to other artists, and I had a heck of a time deciding what about the water would draw other artists into purchasing it. Long train of though short, I decided it would be awesome to have the water itself attractive. Perhaps I could have a ‘mixture’ of water that went from clear to a color at the bottom, and each color would represent a different ‘flavor’ or ‘feel’. Since I’m no chemist, and am consistently on a time crunched, I figured that I could create the effect of ‘gradiated’ water with a clear label. First I tried a label that started at the very bottom of the flask, so the impression would be the water went from purple to clear. But with the shape of my flask and my chosen logo, it wasn’t the best solution for the overall look. I tried moving the bottom of the label further up on my bottle, but it still didn’t seem right to me. In the end I used the same gradient to clear label concept with an oval shape, and then inserted organic art nouveau shapes to cut into the purple section of the label. It wasn’t my first choice, but it looked a whole lot nicer than what I had tried to go for. (Sometimes things work out in your mind, but not quite on paper..or Adobe Illustrator.)

In the end, I had no reason to feel nervous because I was ahead of the game. I feel confident enough to continue with ease, especially with the next assignment. This week’s homework we have to sketch out some ad designs for web and print. This part will be very fun! I already have some interesting ideas, I just hope I have enough time to implement them as I see in my mind. Bliss ad, here I come!