More Dogs in Hats!

Today was another interesting photo shoot day at DDA. Remember the photos featuring Indie as a hat model? We had another shoot for the same client featuring Rudy, Elise’s (adorable) Welsh Corgi. For his first time at DDA, Rudy was extremely well behaved and was only fussy in front of the camera when there were lots of people around. Once the commotion calmed, Rudy sat for some nice shots. With a little practice, he may be on his way to working as a dog model! Move over Indie, you have some competition!

After we Rudy was finished we had two other dogs come in for their photos as well. We also had a cat come in, but the cat was the least cooperative of the group. He was cute though. And terrified.

Now that the dog models have been shot, the tri fold brochure is ready for design. A small portion of the day was dedicated to shooting the 15 styles of hats in groups to place on the inside of the brochure. The dogs will mainly be displayed on the front and back cover. I’m looking forward to working on the design more tomorrow.

Oh, I really think that DDA should have a ‘bring your pet to work month’. Since it would be chaotic to have a ‘bring your pet to work day’, each DDA member can pick out a day to bring in their animal. If they don’t have a pet, buy one! (And if you are wondering, I’d bring my Bearded Dragon. He’d be my first choice up until I finally get my more desired pet.)