Project Love

A week and a half ago, before I left for my trip, I made sure that all my projects were either finished or in a state that could be easily taken over, if necessary. I gave Carrie all my files and unfinished jobs. I briefed her on an in progress, un-approved trade show graphic, a few updates to the Meet DDA page, website pages being built out and a couple of sell sheets that were almost ready to print. I returned yesterday to find the banner had just been approved the day before and the website build out had been put on hold until exactly the day of my return. I never realized that my projects loved me so much! The rest of my nearly finished projects had been taken care of, but my two, higher priority, more unfinished projects had awaited my return. How nice of them to greet me when I sat at my desk and read through all of my backed up emails.

Today I am wrapping up the trade show banner and it will hopefully be ready for print by the end of today. I will also be starting a CD disk and entrapment design, which will hopefully be complete by early next week. The website is still in progress and although most of the build out has been completed, there is a whole new section that needs images sliced and put into place. That should take a good portion of my day.

Let’s see if all my projects can be wrapped up by beer time! (Although I do not partake in the alcoholic 5pm celebration, it is still a special part of the day. Ice cream time.)