Some Like it Hot

The hotter the weather the cooler the AC. I find it ironic that in the sweltering heat of summer I still drink tea and eat soups. Just like how I will eat ice cream in the winter. During the past two days in the office, I have kept my winter habits, which consist of donning a long ‘sweater jacket’ and drinking more than 5 cups of hot tea daily. The only visible difference between my summer and winter dress is that I am not wearing toe socks and closed shoes in the summer. Elizabeth said to me on Monday, “If someone were to see you from the outside, they’d think we have the AC blasting or that you are freezing.” She said that because I came into the kitchen with my hood up and my sweater buttoned; I looked like an eskimo. We all had a good laugh. There are few dull moments when I am around.

So here I sit, sipping hot tea, huddling in my sweater while writing a blog. I have already eaten a cheddar bagel and started to update a site. Rather, I should say that I am continuing a long update that was started yesterday. I have a few tweaks to make on a spec sheet, via inDesign, and have to proof another site so I can give the client an update. We received a printed proof of a sell sheet from a week ago and all looks good. I have a few more tea flavors to try out and then I’ll get back to more website updates because they never end.