Stressed? Good!

The day has just begun and already the workload increases. While it is not overwhelming, I tend to sit back and think how I love working under deadlines. For some people, deadlines are loathed dates that place more stress on them than they can healthily handle. I fair pretty well when there are stress factors such as deadlines. They force me to work harder and push my normal boundaries. I tend to get more done in a good amount of time if there is a due date. Working at DDA has taught me that while there is always stress, due to any number of things, what matters is how you handle it. I have found that I can move on very easily. If I make a mistake, instead of getting angry or flustered, I work to correct it and move on as quickly as possible. Why? Because there are always many projects being juggled, like illustration, website design, and logo design, and they all have deadlines. Learn to appreciate what the right kind of stress can do for you. If you let it, it can help you succeed.