Switching Projects

When we become less busy with our own clients, we tend to take on work from others, who are over loaded with their projects. I have done my share of taking and giving; it is all part of the ‘behind the scenes work’ at DDA. Last week I had gotten a few ‘High-Priority’ projects and when that happens, the lesser demanding projects can be at risk of being pushed off a little. Fortunately things worked out for the best when I delegated them to another designer.

Sometimes, even when working in the same space, we don’t really get to see what the other designers are doing. Generally, we are just too busy to check up on some one else’s work. When we start switching projects however, we get to work with designs and web pages we did not initially create.

I have had my eye on a website Judy has been working on for about a month to two months, give or take. I remember her designing the site in Photoshop and I liked it from the start. Now, I have the pleasure of building out the gallery of this particular site. I have the opportunity to study her design and use of images and text while working through the build out. I am able to see a glimpse of her thought process.

In the days to come many more projects will fall to me, and that’s just fine. It’ll give me the chance to work with many different thought processes.