Time is Precious

This weekend was another weekend of procrastinating. There is a hobby project that I’ve been planning for the past half a year, but always put it off…and it needs to be done by next weekend. So I found myself juggling my time between my clients, my new lizards, my baby nephews and my hobby project. Needless to say, Sunday came around and that is when I found the time to start. With everything that could go wrong, and hope won’t, I keep kicking myself with the nagging thought of starting a week ago. Now I will be rushed and the outcome may not be up to standards. (Which is near perfection; as close as possible)

I keep wishing that I could carry over the discipline I have working at DDA to my own, personal projects. It has been a while since I have actually done a hobby project. I find it difficult to find the time, because I don’t budget it. Between clients, housework and similar responsibilities, contract obligations and priority projects, I sometime forget to spend time having fun with something. (Which is what a hobby project is supposed to be for me. Un-rushed, of course.) *sigh* I can only hope the best for next year. I really need to learn to budget my free time. My resolution will be to start next year’s hobby project now!

Here at DDA, we budget or time so that our work is as efficient as possible. Unlike my personal hobby projects, yours will not get swept under the rug.