Up To Speed

I love when things go smoothly, quickly. Around 4pm my computer decided to run at half it’s potential speed. Clicking to maximized a window was slow enough for me to walk to the couch, take a nap and return to my desk refreshed and ready to try maximizing another window. OK, so maybe it didn’t take THAT long, but it took longer than it should, which seemed like forever. While multitasking with various Mac programs such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, inDesign, Fetch, Mail and Safari, I require a certain amount of constant speed to get my projects completed within a time I am comfortable with. Sometimes dealing with clients can be hard enough, I don’t need my programs to slow me down on top of it, especially when it’s not just one program, but the entire computer. In the end, to resolve my computer’s slowness before I tore my hair out, I restarted it. I had tried closing all unused programs and windows, but that was a futile attempt.

I felt like this:

My computer seems to be running normally now, but it is hard to tell without me actually opening all my programs and working in them like I normally do. As soon as the computer restarted, I decided to take a needed break and write this blog. I’m sipping my cup of tea and will continue with designing a tri fold brochure and making updates to a very large website.