There is something quite satisfying about vocabulary. I was never much of a ‘big reader’ when I was young, but even so, I picked up more articulate words not used by my peers along the way. As an adult, I find that I sometimes use words that sound right, without being able to define them. When that happens I make sure that the word fits what I am trying to say using an online dictionary. In most cases I find that the word’s definition perfectly fits what I meant to express. It’s just one of those simple pleasures in life. I can only imagine how much more exciting my world would be if I learned a new vocabulary word a day. My first favorite word that I learned in 3rd grade was ‘parsimonious’, which basically means stingy. Then my next triumph was when I learned the word ‘Herpetologist’, since I have always loved collecting reptiles and amphibians. And then somewhere I digressed and ‘wench’ became a favorite. I think I like the simplicity of the word and the sound of it. ‘Wench’ rolls of the tongue very nicely. It is also has more dignity than other synonyms used by more vulgar people now a day. You may ask what this post has to do with DDA. It has everything to do with DDA. If I can’t express what I mean to the clients I work with, then all is lost. I might as well pack my bags and work in a place where naked mole rats live. Who knows, I might be able to communicate better with them.