What if?

As I sit here trying to figure out what to blog about, my mind strays and ends up thinking of ideas for making my life more efficient. The ideas are mostly silly “what if’s”. My main negative concern about working at DDA is more a health concern. I sit for 10 hours a day and, like all women, tend to worry about the fat that creeps up in unwanted places. I love food too much to ever think of dieting and I find my two jobs never leave much time for any extra activities. (aka ‘working out’) I have already perfected my “fun and work” multitasking skills at home, which is basically me watching as many DVD’s as I want and still being able to do my art at the same time. You’d be amazed at how well I can remember (good) movies I ‘watch’ while making my art.

So that brings me to the work-out “what if’s” to make my life more efficient at DDA.

What if I could design and run on a tread mill at the same time?
What if I could use a racket ball to hit my computer buttons on a really large screen or keyboard projected on a wall?
What if I could set up a DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) pad to be a mouse for my computer?
What if I had to literally use my limbs to move everything on my computer screen?
What if my computer keyboard were a punching bag?

I could go on forever, but you get the point.

While these things may, or should, not be integrated into the DDA lifestyle, it is still worth thinking about. Perhaps we can start a new working standard to match up to our innovative and ground breaking advertising services.