When Plans Change

This weekend was supposed to be a stressful weekend devoted to preparing for my trip to San Diego, but instead I relaxed and got much needed sleep and rest. Why? Because my plans changed. Due to overwhelming factors, most of which went wrong, I decided it may be best to sit this year’s San Diego Comicon out. The decision was bittersweet. I liked the fact that I wasn’t rushed or stressed about traveling for my third weekend of July, but I was really sad at how the events happened. While I could have been depressed about not attending the SDCC and selling/promoting my work, instead I used that time to do tons of things that have been put off. I will probably think about the events I’m missing out on, the contacts I am not making and the advertising I’m not doing while the con is going on this week, but there are enough things to keep me busy. And there is always the hope of things going better next year.

At DDA we are able to deal with change at the drop of a hat. While we always plan ahead for all aspects of a job, we are quick to re-plan and alter our course when plans change.