Wizard World Weekend

This weekend was spent in the Philadelphia Convention Center for Wizard World 2008. For those of you who are not part of the Marvel/DC culture, Wizard World is Philadelphia’s, relatively small, comic book convention. While my business didn’t do so well amongst the hordes of exclusive super hero fanatics, I had fun when I could. (Stuck behind a table for three days straight isn’t the epitome of ‘fun and fancy free’.) The trade show graphic that I had ordered a while ago came in just in time for the show and I was pleased with the quality. While looking around the Artist Alley I noticed that half of the artist who displayed large format graphics had the same style banner stand that I had. (Which was kind of funny) I was very happy that I had printed it because it made me feel a little more professional, especially in a sea of banners. I also had two smaller paper banners printed and I was able to put those to good use. I had colorful flyers printed for various informational purposes and offered them to interested passers-by. My website urls were pretty much on everything I had available to give away or purchase for the obvious reason of pointing people to my sites. Even if I did not make a profit at the con, I was there advertising my work, products and sites.

There are many things that I am learning about advertising at DDA. Through working at DDA I’ve come to realize just how important content, design and menus are to a thriving website. I’ve also seen the light about having a mailing list/email newsletter. Before working at DDA I had been putting it off and wish now that I hadn’t. I have also realized that a shopping cart is necessary for what I do. These are just three of the many things that I feel are imperative for any business, large or small.

At DDA we can do this and so much more for your company so you have time to spend where you are needed.