Working With Clients

Working with clients can be exciting and new because each one demands something a little different. On the other hand it can be frustrating.

When a client hires DDA to design a website, for example, they have the chance to work with a wonderful group of designers. Our designers, if given the appropriate freedoms, can create something innovative, fresh and professional. I can only assume (which is always dangerous) that clients have some idea at what they want their site to ‘feel’ like. I also assume that their ‘vision’ for the site is based off of what they’ve seen of other companies’ websites. This can be detrimental to the freedoms of the client’s future site. (It’s like deciding your child’s career before they have any say in the matter.)

We don’t work from templates like most internet website companies do. We make a design specific to your company and needs. Why then do clients seem to choose the designs that are more similar to the every day templates you can already find on the web? I don’t presume to know the minds of our clients, but it frustrates me when I see all the brilliant designs that were turned away because the client didn’t have enough imagination to envision something different from the standard. (‘Different’ and ‘imagination’ do not imply unprofessional.) Think about it, people see hundreds of websites a week, maybe even in a day. Which sites do you think stand out the most to them? Which sites will they be most likely to remember? They are usually the sites that are not only more visually stimulating and pleasant, but that also have well defined, cohesive menu hierarchies.

Just because it is online or a big corporate company has a site that looks a certain way, it doesn’t mean they are well made sites. I see hundreds of websites a week, in the least. Most on my own time due to my personal research, hobbies and professional needs. I feel as though I ‘have seen it all’ when it comes to website design. (Even though, I am most sure I have not) If the ‘template’ looking websites don’t have great information that I need to survive, they are tossed out of mind to be forgotten. At times I come across a beautifully designed site only to find that the navigation through the site is painful and anger inducing. Some sites have very intuitive menu systems, but are boring to look at. There are so many different combinations out there for poorly designed sites, I don’t have the time to point them out.

In closing, please, don’t settle for less. Don’t choose to be one of those sites that feel the same. Let us do our best to create something innovative, just for you.