Working Without Templates

When designing for print we at DDA usually work with a template. Not a template in the sense of using standard designs we have archived, simply a PDF file that shows where the bleed and text safe lines are. This way we are guaranteed a design with all the important content and images in an area that will print safely. These templates are usually provided to us depending on the companies we work with. For example, a CD template looks like one circle with a few more faded circles in side and out. However not everyone will accept the same template, even though it doesn’t look like much is there.

I had an opportunity to design a trade show graphic for my own purposes and have it printed without any middlemen. However they did not provide a template or even the size that my graphic would be at. They provided me with no specifics at all, even when I asked. This had me very worried about their services and professionalism. Fortunately I was able to base my graphic’s bleed and size from graphics I designed at DDA, but only a little. I had to give an estimate on the size and from that the bleed. I sent them my graphic and a few months later I was told that it was the wrong size. Well I wonder why? Long story short, I had to resize it and give it back to them and I thought that this time it would work out. When I received a picture of the banner stand I noticed that the top text practically butted up against the top of the banner stand. Never working with a banner stand before, I hadn’t factored in the amount of space it took for the metal addition on the top and bottom. All this grief because there was no template.

Working at DDA has raised the bar for the standards of professionalism for me in my personal business. I am happy to say that we work efficiently to save you time, money and grief.