Yes, Drill Sergeant!

It’s amazing how differently one person works within a certain environment. Thinking about yesterday’s blog and the difference between my DDA and personal projects made me remember how much I love having a consequence for not getting something done, especially on time. When I was back in college, I did my homework. I found myself extending my body and mind far past my limits because I loved it, I was going to make good grades and I wanted to outdo myself in everything…and it didn’t hurt if I outdid a few others in my class. (I can’t help the competitive streak in me.) I remember alumni coming back to MICA and having stories about how hard it was to create art now they were out of college. I also remember me saying to myself, “That won’t be me!” Three years later I am ashamed to admit I am finding less and less time to do my personal work. I do plenty of business related work for myself and DDA, but never what I ‘feel’ like doing anymore. And it’s not even because I don’t have the time; the problem is that I am not using my time as efficiently as I once was. I can easily connect that to the fact I don’t have an outside source of motivation. At DDA, I need to get a client’s project complete for a deadline, at MICA I needed to keep my grades up…but at home it’s just me and time. We stare each other down a lot.

Sometimes I wish there were such a thing as an ‘art drill sergeant’. Now that would whip me back into shape!