A Different Kind of Day

In the last stage of my professional career (short as it may be), I worked as a writer and editor at a newspaper. Aside from the unique hours (until 1 a.m. some nights), unique assignments (stories about high school tennis), and unique people (just kidding guys), we had what some may consider a unique kind of nightly mindset.

Each night, I would arrive at work with a very specific task: Put the section together and get it to the press before deadline. That was it — that was my job. Of course, there was the occasional ongoing project, and sometimes (read: almost never) I would start working on a page layout or story intended for a future issue. But mostly, it was a night-to-night job, running the gamut from planning to design to editing to layout to publication in one eight-hour shift. And then doing it all over again the following night. There wasn’t a exact time that my work was done, there was a finish line, repeated five nights a week.

Now that I’m at DDA, I’m realizing just how unique that atmosphere was — and how unique this one is. Most jobs require you to monitor ongoing projects over the course of a daily shift, and balance many tasks at once. I highly doubt that is more true anywhere than at DDA. During my first week or two, I had one or two things to work on, and I would read my co-workers’ blogs during the downtime. Now, I find myself working on an important in-house project, then taking two minutes to answer a client’s email and send him the latest proof of his site. That turns into 10 or 15 minutes, three or four quick emails exchanged (he loves the site, by the way), and then it’s back to the pages for the DDA project. Then its 15 or 20 minutes for my blog, back to the DDA project, probably another email or four, lunch (Taco Bell today? Wendy’s? Oh, right, trying to be healthy … Saladworks?), more pages to write, and likely an email or two just before 6 p.m.

It’s an atmosphere I’m quickly getting used to, and finding myself enjoying. The constant changes of pace make the day and week fly by, and before you know it, it’s time for another beautiful three-day weekend for all the copywriters, graphic designers, programmers, search engine optimization specialists, and video artists here at DDA.

My only deadline this weekend will be how late the dog and I want to sleep while Andrea loses all our money in Las Vegas. (Although if she hits it big, this could be my second-to-last blog entry before I fulfill my dream of a villa with a view in Santorini, Greece:)