A Holiday Weekend Home Run

Some people have the beach, others like the Poconos. Me? I’ll take five hours in a South Philadelphia parking lot and a sopping wet plastic seat just beyond the right field fence.


While everyone else was fighting shore traffic or swimming in a clear mountain lake, I was enjoying the an afternoon with phriends, phamily and the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. The front-row seats in the outfield were a gift to my brother for serving as best man in my wedding earlier this year. But thanks to a bit of coincidence, and some eBay magic last week, my sister and Andrea (who be now referred to by name in blog-world, because “my wife” still sounds really awkward) were seated a few sections to our left, and one of my best friends from college — who I don’t get to see much of — was 50 feet to my right.

The day began with an outstanding tailgate party (aside from Andrea’s unfortunate wiffle ball bat injury), which included Wawa hoagies, lots of tomato pie, hummus (my sister’s contribution — she’s a vegetarian and pizza-hater), and a few adult beverages. Hours later, the night ended with a rain-soaked crowd celebrating a dramatic ninth-inning win for the Phillies over the hated New York Mets.

Like much of my long holiday weekend, the tailgate party and ballgame gave me a chance to talk to some people I haven’t seen in a while — including my sister, who lives in Boston, works for a bank, and has a marketing degree (while I work for a advertising and marketing company with a journalism degree). Naturally, nearly everyone asked about my new job, and wondered how it was going (some asked why my picture on Meet DDA didn’t have a nose, but I digress).

So as I tried to explain to them everything we do here at DDA, from search engine optimization, to video production, animation, copywriting, and web design, I found myself making an unintentional sales pitch. My sister, college friend, and relatives are not in the market for our most of our services, but I realized just how quickly I am learning the ropes here at DDA. I tried to explain search engine optimization, told them about our video studio, went through a list of things I have written already, and gloated about my four-day weekend (which is what most of them focused on, anyway).

So as I return to my copywriting duties and another week at DDA, I feel like less of a newbie around the office, which is a good thing. I’ve had my Monday bagel, finished off another video script, and spent far too much time finding a cool ballpark photo for my blog. And it’s only 10:30! And there are less than three days of work between me and my next trip to the ballpark Wednesday night, complete with a post-game fireworks show to officially wrap up this year’s 4th of July festivities.