A Late Night, and Lots of Yelling

Yes, Monday night was a late night for me. And there was lots of yelling. But boy, was it fun.

The Phillies were not playing very well in Game 4 of the National League Championship Series on Monday against the Los Angeles Dodgers. They were losing, 5-3, in the eighth inning, and things didn’t look good. The Dodgers seemed to be rolling along, and were a few outs away from tying the best-out-of-seven game series at 2-2.

But then Shane Victorino looped a two-run home run over the right field fence to tie the game at 5-5. After another runner got on base, a guy named Matt Stairs came off the bench to pinch-hit for the Phillies. Stairs is 40 years old, has played on a dozen different teams in his career, and has barely played for the Phillies since they traded for him in August. It was a move that no one noticed and no one wrote about. A guy like Stairs was considered past his prime playing years, and not an important part of the team.

That changed last night, when Stairs absolutely crushed a home run to right field, off a pitcher who hadn’t allowed a home run in over a year. Andrea and I absolutely freaked out and screamed loud enough to wake the dog. It was nearly midnight.

The Phillies won the game 7-5, and now need just one more win to go to the World Series. Stairs was mobbed by his teammates, and said, “You want to get that one big hit where you feel like you’re part of the team.”

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Thanks to Matt Stairs, my neighbors probably thought I was mentally ill when I yelled at  the TV Monday night. But if the Phillies make the World Series, I really won’t care.