A Quick-Fix Is Not the Answer

As a big sports fan, of course I’m excited about the upcoming summer Olympics in Beijing, China. If nothing else, it means there will ALWAYS be something on TV to watch, including soccer games before work at 5 a.m., and track and field preliminary heats when I’m up late at night. NBC and its 56-bajillion sister networks (never thought you’d be watching swimming on Oxygen and badminton on CNBC, did you?) are planning about 723-kajillion hours of coverage (that’s an exact figure), or one hour for everyone in China.

Although as it turns out, the story about these Olympic games may not be the games at all. With less than two weeks to go before the opening ceremonies, the Chinese government is scrambling to fix major problems. The biggest one may be the insane amount of pollution in Beijing. China has already limited the cars on the road for weeks, but it hasn’t helped. The world’s top marathon runner is skipping the games because of the pollution, and the International Olympic Committee will test air quality every morning, then postpone any outdoor endurance events if the smog is too bad.

Today’s story is that the city of Beijing is trying to FOOL visitors with enormous posters showing clear skies, green grass, and no smog. No, I’m not kidding. No, those aren’t clouds. That’s what it really looks like during the day in Beijing.

The story made me laugh, and also cringe, when I realized what it will be like for those who have waited their whole life to run an Olympic marathon, then cough their way through 26.2 miles of that. It also made me think of another reach of a blog segway, having to do with DDA’s search engine optimization strategies.

At DDA, we refuse to cover up a problem. If a client comes to us with a website that isn’t generating any traffic, is poorly designed, terribly confusing, or all of the above, we won’t just toss in a few keywords, slap on a coat of paint and say it’s optimized. Getting on the front page of Google and other search engines takes a lot more than a few keywords, which means a well-optimized site must be designed from the ground up. It must have good design, an intuitive menu structure, detailed information, a good reputation, and keyword-rich content. That’s where our in-house team of web designers, programmers, animators, video specialists, and copywriters come in.

It may end up costing a client a good deal more than a touch-up job, and in the end, it may cost us a client who doesn’t want to make the investment. But it also means that we can be proud of every site we develop, and we can guarantee results without any of the surprises from a remodling project.