A Startling Admission to Gossip About

OK, I’m going to test the reaches of this blog with a startling admission.

This is an admission that could cause the revocation of my man card, force me to forfeit all my fantasy football leagues, or make me a target of ridicule from in and out of the office. I know some of my colleagues read this blog, and actually some of my family members as well (I think they just enjoy getting a daily giggle out of my nose-less caricature on the Meet DDA page). So I welcome your ridicule — or praise, depending on how you feel.

OK, here goes:

I enjoy the TV show, “Gossip Girl.”

(I’ll wait while you stop laughing)

I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m old enough to stop worrying about what people think, so I’m happy to admit that I enjoy a show about spoiled-rotten, promiscuous, good-looking, conceited, elitist Manhattan high school students (actually played by actors and actresses who are probably well into their 20s). Does this mean I don’t enjoy manly football games, movies where stuff blows up, or inappropriate jokes? Absolutely not.

But how could you not at least be entertained by a show where one of the main plotlines involves a high school senior’s summer fling with a 40-year-old woman who happens to be a dutchess and is the stepmother of the same high school senior’s ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend? (Follow all that?)

I can appreciate entertainment that doesn’t take itself too seriously and understands that it is intended as entertainment, instead of an hour-long metaphor for some sort of deeper meaning. Don’t get me wrong, I love movies, books, and TV shows that make me think long after they’re over. But after a long Monday at work, there is something to be said for an hour of superficial storylines, sappy one-liners, and plot twists that cross the line every five minutes.

(Now for the big tie-in to my work at DDA):

At a full-service advertising agency like DDA, we understand that some projects have very different motives than others. Something like a new website is very serious business, where the future of the client’s company could be decided by the success of the site’s launch and search engine rankings. But some projects, while no less serious in our eyes, are meant to be a little more light-hearted, like a printed calendar to be used as a thank you gift and trade show giveaway.

We treat all of these projects with the same care and attention and utilize the skills of our talented staff.

Our copywriters can churn out serious marketing copy, or produce funny scripts. Our programmers, animators, video artists, and graphic designers can create crucial online applications, product animations, and serious training videos, but they also can produce cute and colorful animations and interactions with animated seals (more on that in weeks to come). And whether you’re selling high-tech medical devices or party hats for dogs, our search engine optimization specialists can make sure your site ends up at the top of the Google rankings.

So the gossip going around is that DDA is your one-stop shop for ANY and ALL of your marketing and advertising needs. Let’s just hope you don’t need any copywriting or project coordination duties between 8 and 9 p.m. on Monday nights.