A Weekend of Nothing

For me, the last few weekends have been overflowing with things to do.

Granted, not many of those things have been high on the traditional weekend “productivity” scale (cleaning, lawnmowing, laundry, etc.), but the weekends have been busy nonetheless. Watching World Series games, tailgating at World Series games, trekking downtown for World Series victory parades, and finding just the right bar to watch World Series games are all tiring and emotionally draining activities.

Now that my Phillies are officially the World Series champs, and the parades are all over, it’s time for a weekend of nothing — which is my favorite weekend activity this side of winning a World Series. No plans, no commitments — just three blank squares on the calendar in the kitchen. Hopefully, my weekend will consist of little more than time on the couch with Andrea, Abby, and a large stack of unwatched DVDs. If we’re feeling extra ambitious, maybe we’ll even stand up and play some Nintendo Wii.

But that weekend isn’t here yet, and it’s a busy day here at DDA, just like most days are (especially Thursdays). As others have pointed out in their blogs, there seem to be quite a few projects with fast-approaching deadlines, and the quiet buzz in the office is interrupted only by the occasional beep of a phone or never-ending tapping of a keyboard.

The copywriters are doing a lot of project coordination today as we try to keep all of these important projects on the right track, the programmers are plugging away on a big website  that is nearing its final stages, the graphic designers are designing away on multiple print and web projects, and everyone else is churning through overflowing task lists.

And just like that, it’s already after 1 p.m.! That means just a few more hours to wrap things up, enjoy a cold beer, and dive headfirst into my weekend of nothing.

If you need anything, you can find me on my couch.