A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

When I got home from DDA on Monday, I took a look across the street and saw a small crowd gathered on my neighbor’s front porch. So after dropping my bag in the house (and cranking up the AC), I let my dog out front and we went over to see what was up. As it turns out, I was finally getting a new neighbor, and everyone on the street was introducing themselves. The house had been vacant for months, and the person who bought it initially had actually flipped it and re-sold it, so we were happy to not have to deal with the construction anymore.

As Abby sniffed around the porch and licked the new neighbor’s shoes (I’m not really sure what the obsession is with that, but I’m not a dog) I introduced myself to the new neighbor, and gently prepared her for the potential late-night barking that might keep her awake (fortunately another neighbor has annoying yapping dogs that drown mine out). She seems very nice, and hopefully will add to what is already a good street to live on.

Growing up, I never really had much of a typical neighborhood feel. My parents’ first house was on a busy street, and after second grade we moved to a quiet cul-de-sac with an average age of about 187 years old. Andrea, on the other hand, grew up in a close-knit neighborhood, and was used to just “going out to play” in the summer and coming home in time for dinner. She’s also used to living in a twin — like we do now — so the sound of the neighbors running up the stairs doesn’t faze her like it does me (although I’m getting used to it now too).

I love living in our little neighborhood, where people sit on the porch and sometimes have conversations by yelling across the street. It may sound a little melodramatic, but in today’s world of cell phones, the internet, high definition TV, satellite radio, XBox, and Wii, I forgot how nice it is to sit on the porch and talk to your neighbors (usually gossiping about other neighbors).

But at DDA, we don’t sit around and ignore the latest technology. (See what I did there, with that crafty segway? That’s why I’m a writer.) Sure, our copywriters and designers can create “old-school” items like billboards, large-format display advertistements, and other print graphics. But our graphic designers, video specialists and animators are always ahead of the curve when it comes to new kinds of marketing and advertising, like viral marketing, streaming video, and search engine marketing. That’s why Goldline Research named us one of the top 10 search engine marketing firms in the United States. It’s something DDA has been doing since before there was even a name for it.

At DDA, we know the world is always changing with technology. Just the other night, I text messaged my neighbor across the street instead of walking 50 feet. It’s not laziness, it’s ingenuity.