All The Cool Kids Are Done Work Today

So today is my first Thursday at Dynamic Digital Advertising. And that means it’s also my last day of my first week here.

I know this whole three-day weekend thing has been talked about over and over, but it’s still a novelty for me — especially since my previous job required me to work nearly every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night until after midnight. The unusual schedule was one of many reasons I began looking for a new job, but I never thought I’d end up doing a complete 180-degree turn into the three-day weekend world. Not that I’m complaining of course.

One of the things I’ve quickly noticed in my short time at DDA is the wide variety of responsibilities that can fill one of those 10-hour work days. There are always in-house copywriting projects to fall back on, like expanding our ever-growing online glossary as we continue to expand our capabilities in video, animation, web design, photography, and programming. But since my personal workload is still rather small, I’m trying to serve as the catch-all for the rest of the busy writers. If they have websites to proofread, links to double-check, or instructional CD-ROM content to edit, I’m happy to help make their day a little bit easier.

Especially if they are preparing for a red-hot summer vacation — such as a tent next to a scorching wildfire (enjoy that, Elise).

But unlike the vast majority of the professional world, which is working feverishly for eight hours today only to return to work tomorrow morning, I am working feverishly for 10 hours today and sleeping in tomorrow morning. My wife will be bitter as she leaves for work, my dog will be happy to have some company, and I will be looking forward to my first three-day weekend.

So as my workload slowly grows larger and larger over the next few weeks, my Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays will become more and more frenzied and busy.

But Fridays? That’s when the cool kids get to stay home.