An Extra-Exciting Thursday

Thursdays at Dynamic Digital Advertising are always exciting and fast-paced, because it marks the end of our compressed four-day workweek. It means there are lots of loose ends to tie up before the three-day weekend, and plenty to do before enjoying our beer at 5 p.m.

But for me, this Thursday means that I’m basking in the glow of the Philadelphia Phillies National League championship! The Phils pulled away to beat the Los Angeles Dodgers Wednesday night and earn a spot in the World Series for the first time in 15 years. Back in 1993, when I almost 11 years old, I didn’t really appreciate what I was watching, and assumed that my favorite teams would win championships almost every year. Fifteen years later, I’m still waiting, just like every other sports fan in this town, which has not won a championship in any sport since 1983.

Getting down to business is a little tougher than usual today, considering the game and celebration didn’t end until well after midnight last night. Plus, the screaming and horn honking outside my house was tough to sleep through, although it only made me smile even more.

Some people like movies, others prefer television shows or video games, and many follow the exploits of their favorite celebrities. Me? Sports are my favorite outlet, and experiencing last night’s win was something that may never be topped. Unless, of course, the Phillies win four more games next week for a World Series title.

But as my Thursday at DDA rolls on, I’m trying to keep my extended celebration on hold so I can finish everything I hope to complete by the end of the day. That includes a few more search engine optimized press releases for one of our long-term clients, a page about precision machining (which requires more than a little research so I know what I’m talking about), continued work on content for another new website, more than a few emails back and forth coordinating projects, and a meeting about a new website with a tight deadline.

At a full-service advertising agency with as many capabilities and services as DDA, every day is busy in its own way for our talented staff of programmers, graphic designers, copywriters, animators, videographers, and SEO specialists. That means today is flying by, meaning I’m even closer to a relaxing evening catching up on my sleep (and maybe a little more celebrating).

Go Phillies!