99 Cent Store Websites

There are a lot of companies out there who market cheap websites. But the result from these companies is always the same, you get a template website that looks just like the other website this company has created. I remember looking at the portfolio of a web designer of a site I was looking at, and literally, every site was exactly the same – just with different content and different colors. But the layout, the menus, the placement of images, and everything was the same. It seems like an ineffective way to market your company and products.

At DDA, we don’t build cheap, template like websites. Whether you’re a medical company looking to promote your new therapy or medical device, or a company trying to sell products, or just an informational website to guide people to your business – DDA is equipped with the right tools to not only build a unique website, but also promote it successfully. With search engine optimization, we can help push your website to the top results of major search engines. And our team of copywriters, programmers, video production, and graphic designers can make sure your website has the right look, the right functionality, and the right messages.