A Day in the Life of a Writer/Project Coordinator/Videographer/Photographer

I’ve surely mentioned this before, but here at DDA I play many roles – including project coordinator, writer, videographer, and photographer. Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly by no means a “filler” role, just a very diverse educational background that stems from struggling to discover what I wanted to be when I grew up. I ended my college life with an associates degree in liberal arts and journalism and a BFA with a concentration in photography. Oh, and add that extra year where I dabbled in both English (which, by the way, reminds me of a good story where I took a Women’s Literature course and was the only guy in the classroom and later became the elephant in the room when we read some feminist literature, but that’s for another time) and film production – so you can see how well that fits into my diverse role here.

So working here at DDA, I truly get to see most everything happening. At the end of last week I was doing an on-location photo shoot, I spent a lot of time yesterday managing and revising some SEO content for a new client website, I had a meeting today to coordinate some changes for a client website, and tomorrow we have a conference call scheduled with a client who we’ll be going on-location for a video shoot in two weeks. And really, that’s all just the start of things and fails to mention quoting a few projects, managing other projects, writing content, and somehow managing to keep everything together without loosing sight of something else.

When it comes down to it, some days are always faster then others. Last week and this week the pressure has built for me to be on top of my game as I’m literally playing every possible role I have at the same time. But with some shuffling of roles and priorities, I think everything has gone really well. Then there are other days where I am left to focus on one or two areas and it becomes much easier to manage the day and focus on taking care of clients or writing content – or at the very least, keeping my head from spinning. But with my experience here at DDA, I’ve developed a little system to help me keep track of where things are, what needs to get done, who needs what, and all that. But a magician never reveals his secrets, and mine are patent pending, so don’t ask how I do it.

It’s funny though. When I first graduated with my full 4-year degree, I kept questioning whether I did too much in school, whether I wasn’t focused enough, whether I should have done things different, and my personal favorite, did I take enough classes? I guess that’s how a lot of people feel when entering “the real world”, but it seems to have worked out pretty well for me. It turns out, everything I did in school and all those things I questioned have put me in a position where I can utilize this pocket knife of skills and be hands-on with the various departments here at DDA.