A Late Post

Usually when I write my blog, I try to get it in as early as possible. But this morning I couldn’t think of what to write about and much procrastination led me to now. But what are you going to do? It’s water under the bridge now.

It ironic that I sometimes find it difficult to write blogs as I’m one of the writers here at DDA – but at the same time it’s totally different. When we write about subjects at DDA, we usually have a goal or direction to follow. For websites we build content plans based on the menu structure of the website, scripts usually revolve around a specific product or service, and print design work is usually the same. While there is still much creativity left to us to put the right words together, there’s still that specific goal for the project that we have to rely on. With these blogs it’s like painting on an empty canvas. Where do you begin? Where do you end?