A Website Does Not Bring Traffic

The mindset of a good majority of businesses is that simply putting up a website is the key to success and it will instantly generate sales leads or new clients. Well, certainly, a website could potentially do that, but it doesn’t happen like that. Thinking a website will bring instant traffic would be like starting a new business, never promoting or marketing yourself, and expecting to see clients rolling in. The fact is, it’s just not going to happen.

That’s why, at DDA, we constantly stress proper website design and development and search engine optimization to make sure that your website is not only visually pleasing and intuitive for users, but also ranks for keywords relevant to your business so that people find you through Google or other major search engines. With a solid structure and online marketing behind your website, Internet users searching for services or products that you offer can find you. If you provide what they’re looking for, it’s very likely they will enlist your services, buy your products, and potentially become long-term clients. But before you can enjoy those benefits, you need to create the foundation for it to happen. Regardless of what some other companies may tell you, the process is not overnight, and is not as simple as adding a few lines of code. The process can be time-consuming and it can take a while for the results to pay off. But if done the right way, you can make sure that hard work and time and effort pays off.