Administrate It

As DDA builds custom programs with advanced capabilities, most of them come equipped with administrative back-ends and content management systems so that you can monitor, track, and even edit the program after it is launched. Once your project is launched, we can (and will) continue to provide support as needed. But with an administrative panel, you can be in complete control of your project.

-Do you want to track user progress in an eLearning environment?
-Do you want the ability to edit user data or view global reports?
-Do you want the ability to  add/edit/delete text or images so that you can constantly update important information?
-Do you want to monitor the success rate of your program?

These things, and so much more, can be implemented into an administrative panel that ensures you can make the edits you need, review user data, track patient information, or measure the success of your eLearning program. If you’ve got a new idea in mind and need a customized program to match it, then contact us and we can surely bring your vision to life.