Always Expanding

At DDA, one thing is certain, we are always looking for new ways to expand and offer an unprecedented array of digital advertising services – many you can’t find anywhere else! Not only do we have 7 divisions of DDA, including the revolutionary DDA Medical and DDA Video, but there is also hundreds of services in between. But perhaps best of all, all these services work together for fully integrated solutions. While we can build brand new add-ons to add to your advertising campaigns, we also flawlessly work these services together. Imagine having a custom website design that doesn’t just host video, but integrates video within the website. Not only that, but the website is built from the ground-up with solid search engine marketing potential. Our SEO experts then come along and promote your website with search engines so you find yourself on top of the major search engines. Of course, behind the website is custom programming that may include shopping carts, intranets, CRMs and more. Suddenly, you have more than just a website to promote your company – you have the complete foundation to build or expand your business and promote your company in a unique way.