Before the Holiday

The holiday season is in full swing. The end of this week will see many businesses closing for the holidays with employees taking some time off to be with family. Next week will finally bring close to a year that history will not remember so fondly. But here at DDA things are continuing as usual, though we have some time off for the holidays, while we say goodbye to 2009 and continue to push forward into 2010.

We have a short week and will be closed on Thursday, which only means we have to work twice as efficient to ensure we stay on track with our current projects. Today I will be focused largely on a new medical website design project for emergency airway management, a medical eLearning portal that educates physicians on a rating system for swallowing disorders, a DVD that finishes a series of installation videos we created for a window/door manufacturer and installer, and an interactive CD-ROM featuring a collection of retirement forms. While my project list extends well beyond these projects, with the end of the year coming fast we are hoping to try and wrap some of them up while starting new projects and continuing some others. It will be a busy few days before the holiday, and another few busy days before the new year, but it’s business as usual here.