Black Friday Sales

As we approach Thanksgiving, we also approach Black Friday – one of the biggest shopping days of the year, and a time when retailers offer ridiculous low prices on high priced items. A thousand dollar TV for only $399!? But if you read the fine print of retailers ads, you will see that the best deals are noted with something like “limit 5 per store”, or if you research the model numbers of each item you will find that the deal is actually on a lower quality product than what they normally sell. The goal, get hundreds of people to flock your store hoping to buy a cheap item, sell the 5 units you have, and then get people to buy other stuff at normal or regular sale price. It’s a tactic that apparently works quite well, but I still think it’s a bit shady in practice.

I can only imagine the hysterics this would cause if DDA ran “promotions” like this. If we were to suddenly advertise search engine optimized websites for $99, but make sure the fine print says “to the first 5 people only”, I am sure we’d have 5 very happy clients, but quite a lot of people upset about this method of advertising. But we don’t, and won’t, do this. For every project we quote, we take time to discuss the project, create a time study, and clearly detail a proposal that explains what we plan to do, how much time we plan on doing it in, and then we track our time to the minute. We want to be as clear and honest as possible in every proposal because it is important for us to maintain and continue good relationships with all of our clients. So whether you’re looking for website design, advanced custom programming, a video production, or any other form of digital advertising, contact DDA.