Blog of the Week

No no, I’m not trying to fool you all again – my title just makes sense for this post. Every week at DDA we promote someone from our ranks as blog of the week, which is also feature on our website at our Post Awards. As incredible as our team of video production, copywriting, graphic design, programming, and SEO staff is at their specific jobs, we also have many talented bloggers. So every week, as a team, we nominate 4 posts and the one with the most votes is deemed the honorable “Blog of the Week.” And then, at the end of every month, the winners from that month are put to another polling to decide on a “Blog of the Month.”

Maybe someday we’ll also have a “Blog of the Year.” Or, if you wish to steal a title from me, we may also someday have a “Blog of the Century.” Let me be the first to say, I nominate myself for that!