Breaching Interactivity

In my experience, there are two types of interactive websites. The first is an interactive website that seems to have gone out of it’s way simply to boast how interactive it is. These sites typically have no direction, are sloppy to use, and confuse the user. Interactivity is more than just about adding fun elements for users to play with.

This is why DDA fits under the second type. We develop interactive websites that maintain a clear direction, maintain user-friendly navigation, and maintain the simplistic nature of a website while still managing to add all the fun goods. The most important piece of a website is making sure the user can easily find information. Without this, they find someone else who will provide it for them. So you need something that engages users with interactive features while also making sure they can easily find what they need. And this is exactly where DDA excels. Our websites are not built around silly interactive features that hinder the user. Instead, our websites are built with interactive features that enhance the user experience.