Brief Year In Review

2009 will soon be gone (to the joy of many, I’m sure) and 2010 is soon here. But before we depart with 2009, here’s a brief (it would take too long if it wasn’t brief) overview of some things that happened at DDA.

1. DDA created the new DDA Medical SmartSite, a completely new way to view websites. You want video? Text? Imagery? Portfolios? You got it. You don’t want video, text, or images? You can do that too. DDA Medical reinvented websites, allowing the user to fully control just about everything and make their experience unique to their tastes. Visit DDA Medical.

2. Healthcare IT and medical marketing was a prime keyword for 2009. DDA has always specialized in creating healthcare IT systems, patient portals, electronic medical records, custom applications, and more, but now the world started catching up and realizing the need for better, more efficient ways to organize. It came as no surprise to us that we need these technology-based applications, but this year saw the launch of a few patient portals, patient health records, patient tracking tools, and medical websites.

3. Social networking was also a buzzword this year with big news hitting Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites. DDA launched a social networking site of it’s own, You Bet My Life, where users can bid and bet on success rates of user generated stories. DDA can create a variety of social networking websites, applications, and widgets as well, and even specializes in social media optimization efforts, continuing to prove that we are the complete in-house marketing and advertising company.

4. Something DDA Video has again been doing for years, but webcasting has grown over the year. Feeding live, streaming video for hundreds, or even thousands of visitors to view is starting to become a necessity for many companies all over the world. Webcasting can bring employees together and aid with training, teach consumers or patients about your product or service, and increase overall awareness of your company. DDA Video can also archive the video presentation to create an on-demand viewer than anyone can watch at any time.

5. Most important, in a year that struggled financially, DDA has continued to grow – 8 divisions, thousands of services, all in-house. I can’t put it any better than our own DDA in 60 Seconds.