Client Reviews

At DDA, we’ve often been asked by potential clients, “what happens if I don’t like the _____” (video production, print design, website design, or any other of DDA’s services can be inserted here). And the response is fairly simple, here at DDA we always try to get feedback from the Client at multiple points throughout the project, so you will always have input and end with a great product. For instance, if we’re doing some trade show graphics our designers will come up with a few design concepts and we send them to the Client to review. At this point we leave it to the clients to decide what they like and what they don’t like about the concepts. If they fall in love with a specific design, that’s great. But if they like different aspects about different designs and want to see some more based on their feedback, that’s great too! From whatever feedback we are provided we apply it to the concept designs and come up with some more finalized designs. Again, the Client is given the opportunity to provide any and all feedback. This process is repeated as necessary until a final design is created. This process remains true to website designs, video productions, copywriting, print designs, and everything else.

Depending on the tastes of the Client, this process can be quick or take a little more time. Either way, you can rest assured that whatever we create for you, you will be happy with the end product. This is truly one area where DDA exceeds, not only in giving Clients a custom-created product, but also giving great customer service and catering to your needs.