Effective communication is everything. Because DDA prides itself on being able to handle anything thrown our way, it doesn’t always come without its fair share of some initial disconnect. As things become technical, we often find it difficult to properly explain why clients can’t have video in certain resolutions or why they can’t use a 72 dpi photograph to print a large graphic. No fault to any of our clients, of course, it’s our job to know all the technical and savvy parts. At the same time, there are times when a client introduces a product to us and the technical aspect of their product takes some time for us to figure out and we may even have to go back to the client to get some additional information. It all comes with the territory, we only know what we know and we can only hope to help each other understand what we don’t know.

This is why communication is always important. Effective communication, that is. Someone at DDA is always available through phone or email to help guide you through a difficult process, or help explain the technical side of things. We also have clients who do a wonderful job of keeping us informed or answering our questions.