Compromising Design

In my time here at DDA, I’ve noticed that the “eye” for design is much different between what our clients would like and expect and what our graphic designers and team here want and expect. It is common that the client has a vision for what they think a website design, print design, or logo should look like – and that’s great – but there always needs to be a compromise between their vision and the professional designs we provide. Unlike so many marketing companies and website developers, DDA does not believe in using templates or cookie-cutter designs for anything, everything we create here is custom. As a result, everything is a process. We need to create an original design that not only matches the look and feel of your company and creates viewer interest, but is also something that you are ultimately happy with. Upon initial design concepts, we like to provide multiple versions and possibilities to obtain client feedback. The client chooses one they like the best, or they choose two things from different designs they like and we revise to implement those into one design.

In working with a recent design concept, I felt like the client made the best decision for himself. We provided a nice design, but he wanted to push his product a little more and add more imagery and text. We did so, and most of us here felt the design started looking a little too busy, that now there might be too many images involved. The client came back and said pretty much the same thing, so we made some tweaks and simplified it a little more, and now I think the design looks better than it ever did. As I said to the designer, it’s a very nice compromise between our original vision for the site and the client’s vision for the site, and it worked well.