Congratulations Traffic!!

This morning I was a little startled to find out that apparently Traffic got pregnant over the summer and gave birth this morning. And not just a regular one-and-done birth, but instead a birth similar to rabbits, where the Traffic population multiplied by ten or twenty. I don’t know how Traffic managed to do it (especially having to push out all those big yellow buses) and I know I don’t want to share the responsibility and expenses in feeding all that new Traffic. Although, I must admit that while I thought Traffic and I had a good history together, I wasn’t invited to any sort of baby shower or even made aware of the pregnancy. But it looks like we’ll be able to have a spectacular outing on Jerry Springer when I find out this whole time that Traffic was cheating on me with Summer – and oh boy is Summer going to get it when my new friends Autumn and Winter come rolling through.

Luckily, this birth of new Traffic didn’t affect me too much this morning – other than a few signs that required me to slow down for the younger Traffic heading to their learning institutions. So it seems that my mornings will be a new adventure, just like every day here at DDA.