Corporate and Medical Training

While customized job training programs are nothing new to DDA, we have decided to create a new branch known as DDA Corporate and Medical Training (CMT). We have always created quality training materials including videos, CMEs, and online testing, and soon there will be a website dedicated to this so that anyone can easily find our ever-growing list of available services. The team here at DDA has spent time planning and creating this newest branch of advertising and the writers have been writing highly search engine optimized content.

The big benefit to DDA providing job training solutions is that we already offer so many different services in-house, including video production, graphic design, programming, and content development. All these services can be used in a variety of ways to create engaging and effective training methods. When you’ve got the support of an advertising agency that manages to offer everything under one-roof, there’s limitless possibilities for any project you need.

Look for DDA CMT coming soon!