Creating the Web

I have, like many, become extremely interested in the events happening over in Iran. While the political nature of the event is literally like watching history in the making, something else has been happening online. Services like Twitter and YouTube have suddenly turned from keeping up with celebrities and watching funny videos to reporting news and events as it happens. Since Iran has kicked the media out of the country in an attempt to suppress news from the protesting, citizens of Iran have turned to their mobile devices to provide real-time news and information like I’ve never seen before. Even the major news networks are looking to these websites to report on the situation.

All of this just goes to show that interactive websites that allow people to login and share information, images, or video, have almost unlimited possibilities. What was once your source for watching people doing dumb things is now the prime source for the latest news. For years, DDA has created interactive websites, CDs and DVDs, eLearning programs, programming applications, and more that encourage user control and input. Before social networking and video sharing were even common terms, DDA was pushing the limits of interactivity. As more people are beginning to see the power of interactive sites like YouTube and Twitter, DDA will continue to push interactive marketing solutions as the entire world now sees it’s value.