Custom Costume

The second half of October typically means one thing, finding the perfect Halloween costume. Personally, I have never found going to a store and buying a pre-made costume any fun at all, so I typically take the harder route and create my own. Sometimes the costume is truly made from random things, I was once a child on the side of a milk carton and had to construct the carton from large boxes, and sometimes the costume gathers articles of clothing or props, like when I was a Batman PEZ dispenser. Regardless, I usually leave myself with the task of coming up with something unique and figuring out how to pull it off.

At DDA, we are structured in a similar fashion. We don’t believe in working off templates or using pre-made software. We customize everything we build to offer unique website designs, programming, video production, and more. Much like creating your own costume, there are limitless possibilities when you create applications or designs from the ground up. And sure, it’s not as simple or quick as paying for the overpriced software or template, but why suffer quality for the so-called “low-cost solution?” Besides, don’t you want something unique that you can call your own? When 10 people at a party are dressed as the same vampire, won’t you look better wearing purple balloons and coming as a bunch of grapes? And when you compare those 10 people with yourself, who do you think will attract the most attention?