DDA CMT is nearly here.

DDA Corporate and Medical Training is near completion. The content has been written and we are building out the website. It will no doubt be made live within a week or two, and it’s exciting to see all of our hard work pay off.

For weeks we the writers have been writing highly search engine optimized content for the CMT site. Like DDA Video and DDA Medical, CMT’s goal is to offer specific programs. In the case of CMT, of course, we are offering detailed information about various training programs that we custom create to help your business grow. The site is being optimized so that users searching for specific keywords related to training will find us and enlist our services. With our extensive knowledge of search engine marketing, we will be at the top of search engines for many of these related keywords. Just as you hire DDA for all your advertising and training needs, DDA harnesses the power of Google to help promote us.