DDA Medical: A Smart Site

The new DDA Medical site was launched early this week. The site experience is truly unique and something that has never been seen before online, something we’ve tagged “SmartSite”. It introduces a way for everyone to personalize their experience to their interests. The full site contains an integrated website spokesperson, bullet points and text to accompany the video, and a collection of portfolio samples that anyone can view. At anytime, users can opt to close the video, which will subsequently cause full text to show and make those screens larger. Then you can bring the video back, close the portfolio, close the text, or any combination therein, and the rest of the site will conform. In addition, visitors can add portfolio items or content and videos to a customizable library that they can send to a friend or colleague or save and come back to later. Truly, this has changed the Internet and the way in which we view websites.

Currently, most websites feature one of two setups: Text based sites where the user has to read all the information or video sites where the user has to watch someone present the information. With DDA’s SmartSite, no longer is the user forced to conform to the way you choose to present information, now they control it. Those who prefer text-based websites to find information can close the video and those who enjoy video spokesperson websites and watch and listen. However you choose, the SmartSite will adapt.

The SmartSite possibilities are almost endless, and the way users retrieve information can be uniquely adapted by each individual. I can only imagine what a DDA Super SmartSite will look like – perhaps we will also add social media platforms, wikis, and other interactive experiences to fully immerse the viewer in an online environment. Look out everyone, the SmartSite is here, and it will be taking the Internet by storm.