DDA Portfolio

The DDA portfolio is quite possibly one of the most massive and extensive showcases of work ever. I am working with the video department to ensure our video portfolios are up-to-date on all the DDA websites, including DDA Video, DDA Medical, and DDA CMT. Our video site showcases 30 video screens with various projects in each screen, from corporate capabilities to medical device product launches. Within each screen are often two or three choices, so we quite possibly have over 60 videos to show everything we can do.

As I’ve looked through all these videos to make sure our portfolios are up-to-date with the latest projects, one thing has become certain, our videos go beyond the standards that most people are accustomed to. Many of the videos combine live actors with animated elements, combine company information and training, and interactivity or integration into websites, CD-ROMs, and more. And for every end product, we had a team of designers, script writers, programmers, and videographers working together in-house. Not only has DDA reinvented video production, but we’ve also managed to create a full service production team to make your concepts become a reality.