Develop or Manage

When it comes to DDA’s copywriting capabilities, we really can do it all. From technical medical information to engaging training materials or video scripts, our staff of degreed writers have the right mixture of styles and tones to suit your needs. As with any project we do that can take advantage of our copywriting services, we offer a few solutions. First, we can develop custom content for you. We will ask for some information about you, your company, your product, or whatever it is you are marketing, and then the writers will take it from there. Our writers will create brand new content that effectively markets and sells your products or services while using messages that fit with the style of your business. As always, you will have approval every step of the way and have the chance to edit or make changes to the content as you desire and we will continue to work back and forth until we have a finished solution. Second, you may decide you want to take on the task of writing content for your website or brochure or video script, and that works for us. If you already have an idea or vision of what the material will say, this may be the best solution for you. Or for those who are experts in their field, it is likely they will have an easier time writing the content than we will.

But here at DDA, we also offer a third choice, and one that I feel may be looked over – content management.  When it comes to developing new content, you may think it works better for you to write the content. That’s great. But just as I am not a spine surgeon or sales representative, it’s likely that you may not be a writer. You have the ideas and knowledge to write the content, but you may not have the time or accuracy to fully develop that content, which is why DDA offers this service. As the expert, you can dictate detailed explanations of your services or products. DDA can then take that and do some editing and rewriting to turn the detailed explanations into reader friendly and concise content. This truly creates the best of both worlds. It creates content that could only be developed by an expert and also contains suave readability that may be done best by a professional writer.

Either way, you can be sure that your content is top-of-the-line with DDA’s content development and management services.