Digital Photography Studio

DDA has a full in-house digital photography studio. In fact, DDA was the first digital photography studio established in Pennsylvania, and continues to set the bar for photography. Today we had two product photography shoots – one for manufactured brass parts (I’m not sure what the function is for them) and another for cookie jars that talk and play songs when you open them. In many cases, digital photography done at DDA is just step one of a larger process. Our digital photographs are typically used to build websites, design brochures and print materials, or integrate with eLearning platforms – all of course done in house.

Our studio can also be brought to you. All of our equipment is (fairly) light and portable and can be set up just about anywhere – from inside your warehouse or medical office to exterior shots of landscaping. Still shots, models, products, and just about anything you can imagine to capture with a digital camera can be done anywhere you need.