Doing it All

With the dynamic work flow DDA has on a daily basis, it enables many of us to step out of our usual realm of expertise and mix things up a bit. For instance, my education and background consists of journalism and fine arts and photography. My main job here is content development and new business development, but my diverse background also allows me to work on digital photography and video production products.

For part of yesterday and continuing into today, I am stepping away from my usual copywriting duties to begin editing the raw footage from our video shoot last Thursday. While the process of reviewing more than 2 hours of footage can become mundane, this project promises to be entertaining and fun. The premise of the video is to tell the world about this company’s services. However, they wanted to have some fun with the video and decided to throw in some comedic relief with a man-on-the-street setup to ask people if they know about this company. The responses are amusing, to say the least, and should provide the client with a fun and engaging video.